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Grow together

Participation in the Grow Together community includes:

  • A monthly Challenge session: you will share your challenge and receive actionable tips and recommendations to overcome it. (Entrepreneurs who share their challenge each month will be rotated)

  • Two monthly sessions: they will rotate between: Expert Talk, an expert will give us tools and knowledge to grow our businesses, practical workshops (planning, cost calculation), innovation sessions, role play, cinema forum, among others.

  • All the benefits of the "Connected" Plan, including

    • Weekly Collab Talk sessions at the Club House: we talk about sales, planning, empowerment, and more and share best practices.

    • Happy Hour networking to connect with other entrepreneurs.

    • Telegran Group

  • Access to the Expert Talks library


  • Access to the Entrepreneur Empowerment - Ana María Daly

  • Access to the workshop How to make a Successful Business Plan step by step - Andreina Pantin, MBA

  • Coaching Assessment behavior profile report. - Mauricio Chaparro, MBA

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset Guide. - Marieva Vegas

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Silla Caliente
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